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ANB's BioSignID Virtual Pad

 The ANB's BioSign Virtual Pad consists of the following functional items:
On the upper bar:
Item #1: Vpad status – indicates that the enrollment process was initiated by displaying “Enrollment Mode” label. Your enrollment mode starts from your first click on the signing surface (the white area defined by the blue frame).  

On the lower bar:
Item #2:
Reset All button – please use it to restart your enrollment process by resetting all signed samples.

Item #3: Reset button – please use it to reset your last signed signature (before clicking on the play/submit button).

Item #4: Submit button – please use it to send your signed sample for each sample successively.

Item #5: Full screen button – please use it to switch to full screen Vpad display or to normal size Vpad display. It is recommended to sign in Full Screen display mode.

Item #6: Visible/Invisible mode button – please use it to switch to invisible mode (Privacy mode) in order to avoid any shoulder surfer attack risks.

Item #7: Help button – please use it to display the ANB's BioSignID help pages.

Item #8: Signing area – the white area defines the signing surface. Please sign consistently by using big and clear curves/letters using the same order.

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