Using BioSignID to Increase Your Facebook Account Security

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Facebook Supports OpenID for Automatic Login,
On your Facebook account you can link BioSignID as your openid provider for loging-in biometrically to Facebook, please note that BioSignID supports currently Firefox or chrome.

The following 5 steps will guide you thru your facebook account settings:

1. First open an account at BioSignID then login to BioSignID with your account,

2. After you loged-in to BioSignID Open Facebook in new browser and login to your Facebook account with your username and password

3. Go to your Facebook account menu select Settings select Account Settings from the dropdown menu

4. select Linked accounts and click change

5. Click on the dropdown menu and select OpenID enter your OpenID user name (e.g and click on Link New Account

Now your Facebook Account is configured to support BioSignID login any time you use your facebook account, remember first to logon to and then open new browser and enter at the URL
And you will automatically be loged to facebook



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