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Welcome to BioSign Enrollment Process Demo
This demo helps you create an optimal BioSign ID which is part of your personal security profile through an ease enrollment procedure. With three simple steps.

BioSignID web authentication service requires Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in. On your first login to BioSignID automatically the system will check if Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your pc.

The following screen indicates that Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your pc and you can proceed to the first step.


If Microsoft Silverlight is not installed you will see the Install Microsoft Silverlight button


Please click on the Install Microsoft Silverlight button and follow the installation sequence.

First step

Whenever the following dialog is displayed, please type your BioSignID username.

During an enrollment process or any BioSignID Reset process, please type or copy and use Ctrl + V to paste your personal user's license code which was provided by the email you received from BioSignID web service into Your License number box then click sign-in.
Second step - Create your optimal BioSignID with high level security grade

Before getting started, please notice the BioSignID Virtual Pad (Vpad) controls, for more details please refer to BioSignID virtual pad support page..

After clicking on the Sign-In button, the BioSignID Vpad will be displayed waiting for sampling your first 5 (five) signatures one after another in a successive order. Please click on the Submit button after each signature sample. You can use any pointing device on your convenience. The use of any touch-screen device is optimal in order to provide a consistent and very secure biometric identity.  Please follow these recommendations in creating your biometric BioSignID:
  •  Make sure your PC mouse or stylus enables you to sign smoothly and easily
  •  The longer your signature is, the more biometric features it contains, increasing your BioSignID security level
  • Remember to be consistent in the manner in which you sign
  •  Your consistency will gradually improve with use/practice
Upon completing your enrollment process successfully, you will be asked to verify your enrolled signature.

Third step 


Upon completing your enrollment process successfully, you will be asked to verify your enrolled signature.



Click continue, type your username and sign on the Vpad the same way you signed on the enrolment stage


ANB's technology is an adaptive technology and neural. It will learn more about your BioSignID each time you sign using your biometric profile. If you have any further question or for any additional information, please contact BioSignID technical support team at:

Thank You
BioSignID Team.

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